National Policy on Health Industry

Article 1: National Policy on Health Industry

Great health industry

The frequent acquisition policy was upheld

2016 is the first year of the 13th Five – Year Plan, and the health care industry has won frequent support from the government. Especially on October 25, the State Council issued the ” Healthy China 2030” Program, which shows that ” Healthy China” has officially risen to the national development strategy. After the Internet industry, the big health industry has become a new engine of China’s economy and is widely appreciated..

In September 2016, the ” 13th Five – Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation in Health Industries ( Draft for Solicitation of Opinions )” communicated feedback among relevant ministries and experts, and has collected some amendments, which are being further improved and are expected to be officially released within the year.. The plan is expected to demarcate the health industry, which can be summarized into three major products and four major services, namely, drugs, medical devices and major health products, as well as four major service models to promote a new type of medical health development featuring precision, equalization, intelligence and integration..

On November 21, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang stressed at the opening ceremony of the Ninth Global Health Promotion Conference in Shanghai that China attaches priority to health and health development, highlights health goals in its economic and social development plan, inclines to health in the formulation and implementation of public policies, and devotes efforts to ensuring health needs in terms of financial investment. Through the concerted efforts of the government market, promote the innovation and development of health industry.

With the development of the health industry in full swing, more and more organizations and individuals have invested and participated in it. Today, we specially compiled the health industry policy in recent years to take everyone to review its implementation and development process and explore the trend and direction of the big health industry..

Key words

In recent years, the relevant policies of[ big health industry ]


” Healthy China” has risen to the national strategy and guided the implementation of various specific construction projects. ”

October 25

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council

Outline of ” Healthy China 2030” Plan

The Outline is the first medium – and long-term strategic plan in the field of health put forward at the national level since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.. The Outline defines the overall strategy for building a healthy China in the next 15 years and highlights three key elements: first, prevention first, advancing the gateway, promoting a healthy lifestyle, reducing the incidence of diseases, promoting the sinking of resources and achieving affordable and sustainable development; The second is to adjust and optimize the health service system, strengthen early diagnosis, early treatment and early recovery, and promote the development of health industry on the basis of strengthening grass-roots units to better meet the health needs of the masses. The third is to take ” co – construction and sharing of national health” as the strategic theme, adhere to the government’s leadership, mobilize the participation of the whole society, promote co-construction and sharing of society, self-discipline for all, and realize national health.

October 25

Office of the State Council

” Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Fitness and Leisure Industry”

In view of the current situation and problems of the development of the fitness and leisure industry, the Opinions put forward six main tasks and policy measures, one is to improve the fitness and leisure service system; The second is to cultivate the main body of the fitness and leisure market; Third, optimize the structure and layout of fitness and leisure industry; Four is to strengthen the construction of fitness and leisure facilities; Fifth, improve the research and development and manufacturing capacity of fitness and leisure equipment and equipment; Six is to improve the environment of fitness and leisure consumption.

14 October

National development and reform Commission

” Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Healthy Development of Private Investment”

This paper puts forward 26 concrete measures from six aspects, such as promoting investment growth, improving financial services, implementing and perfecting relevant fiscal and taxation policies, reducing enterprise costs, improving comprehensive management services, and formulating and revising relevant laws and regulations..

October 12

National Aging Office, National Development and Reform Commission, etc

” Guiding Opinions on Promoting Elderly Livable Environment Construction”

According to the guidance, by 2025, the overall goal of building a livable environment for the elderly is to basically complete a livable environment system for the elderly, strengthen the optimization of hardware facilities such as housing, transportation, medical care and maintenance, improve the aging level of newly built housing, promote the aging transformation of old housing, improve the aging status of the community environment, take various measures and provide a supportive environment for the majority of the elderly, so as to maximize their living independence, function maintenance and social integration..

11 October

Central comprehensive and deep reform leading group

” Some Opinions on Fully Opening up the Pension Service Market to Improve the Quality of Pension Service”

Focusing on the multi-level and diversified service needs of the elderly population, lowering the entry threshold, guiding social capital into the pension service industry, promoting the reform of public pension institutions, improving the level of pension services in home communities and rural areas, promoting the construction of pension service systems, standards, facilities and talent teams, flourishing the pension market, improving the service quality, and enabling the majority of the elderly to enjoy high-quality pension services..

9 October

Ministry of Civil Affairs, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, etc

Notice on Supporting the Integration and Transformation of Idle Social Resources to Develop Pension Services

Encourage party and government organs and state-owned enterprises and institutions to set up training centers, sanatoriums and other institutions with the functions of education, training or recuperation to turn to the service industry for the aged in a standardized way when conditions permit. We can explore ways of establishing social pension service enterprises or non-profit organizations by means of government and social capital cooperation ( PPP ). Support all localities to use the existing training and convalescent service facilities to provide pension services in various ways.

21 July

National Health and Family Planning Commission

Guiding Principles for Planning the Establishment of Medical Institutions ( 2016 – 2020 )

The Plan is based on the actual medical service needs of residents in the region, and aims to provide all residents with safe and effective basic medical services in a fair and accessible manner by rationally allocating and utilizing medical and health resources, and to plan, set up and lay out medical institutions of all levels and types, with different affiliation and with different forms of ownership..

July 18

National patriotic health campaign committee

” Guiding Opinions on Developing Healthy Villages and Towns in Healthy Cities”

Through the construction of healthy cities, healthy villages and towns that are livable in environment, harmonious in society, healthy in crowd, convenient in service and vigorous in vitality, the coordinated development of urban and rural construction and human health will be realized..

July 13

Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Finance

Notice on the central financial support to carry out the pilot work of home and community pension service reform

We will support and encourage social forces to participate in the management and operation by building platforms, purchasing services, public-run private businesses, public office assistance, and equity cooperation, so as to form a batch of successful experiences in home and community pension services that are fully covered by the service content, competitive participation by social forces, and generally recognized by the masses of the people..

July 7

National Tourism Administration and Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Notice on the Establishment of National Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Demonstration Zones ( Bases and Projects )

In three years or so, 10 national demonstration areas of Chinese medicine health tourism, 100 national demonstration bases of Chinese medicine health tourism and 1000 national demonstration projects of Chinese medicine health tourism have been built in the whole country to promote the rapid development of Chinese medicine health tourism in an all-round way..

21 June

Office of the State Council

Guidance on Promoting and Standardizing the Application and Development of Health Care Big Data

Health care big data is defined as an important national basic strategic resource, and the application and development of health care big data is incorporated into the strategic layout of national big data to provide strong support for building a healthy China..

March 4

Office of the State Council

” Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Pharmaceutical Industry”

Optimize the application environment, strengthen factor support, adjust the industrial structure, strictly supervise the industry, deepen open cooperation, stimulate the vitality of industrial innovation, reduce the cost of pharmaceutical products from research and development to listing, speed up the reform of the system and mechanism in the fields of approval, production, circulation and use of pharmaceutical products, and promote the intellectualization, service and ecology of the industry..

February 22

The State Council

Outline of Strategic Planning for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( 2016 – 2030 )

By 2020, the Chinese medicine industry will become one of the important pillars of the national economy. By 2030, the field of traditional Chinese medicine services will be fully covered, and the ability of traditional Chinese medicine health services will be significantly enhanced, making greater contributions to economic and social development..


” Focusing on the combination of medical care and support, encourage all kinds of private capital to participate.”

November 20

Office of the State Council

” Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Combination of Medical and Health Care and Elderly Services”

Full deployment will further promote the combination of medical and health care and old-age care services. By 2020, the medical and nursing combination system and policies and laws in line with the national conditions will be basically established, and the medical and nursing combination service network will basically be formed..

November 17

National Tourism Administration and Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

” Guiding Opinions on Promoting Health Tourism Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine”

This paper puts forward eight key tasks such as developing health tourism products of Chinese medicine, building health tourism brands of Chinese medicine, expanding health tourism industry of Chinese medicine, developing health tourism market of Chinese medicine, innovating health tourism development model of Chinese medicine, training health tourism talents of Chinese medicine, improving public services of health tourism of Chinese medicine, and promoting sustainable development of health tourism of Chinese medicine..

24 April

Office of the State Council

” Development Plan of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Services ( 2015 – 2020 )”

Clear seven key tasks: First, vigorously develop health care services of TCM, support the development of health care institutions of TCM, standardize health care services of TCM, and carry out health management with TCM characteristics; The second is to speed up the development of TCM medical services, encourage social forces to provide TCM medical services and innovate the service model of TCM medical institutions. Third, support the development of rehabilitation services with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics; Four is to actively develop the health care service of traditional Chinese medicine; Fifth, cultivate and develop traditional Chinese medicine culture and healthy tourism industry; Sixth, actively promote the development of supporting industries related to traditional Chinese medicine health services; Seven is to vigorously promote trade in traditional Chinese medicine services and attract overseas consumption in China.


Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Development Bank

” Implementation Opinions on Development Finance Supporting Socialized Pension Service System Construction”

Focus on supporting five aspects, community home-based care facilities construction projects, including urban community day care centers, elderly canteens, elderly activity centers and elderly service information platforms, and facilitating community-based care facilities. Home Care Service Network Construction Project.

February 3

Ministry of Civil Affairs, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, etc

” Implementation Opinions on Encouraging Private Capital to Participate in the Development of Pension Services”

It is clearly proposed to encourage private capital to participate in home and community and pension services, to encourage social forces to organize large-scale and chain pension institutions to support the development of leading enterprises in pension services, to increase financial investment in the development of pension services, and to implement preferential tax and fee policies, etc..

January 19

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs

” Guiding Opinions on Standardizing Service Charge Management in Pension Institutions to Promote the Healthy Development of Pension Services”

It is pointed out that the service charge standard of private pension institutions is formed by the market, the government invests in establishing pension institutions, implements different charge policies for different service objects, and actively explores the charge management mode of public pension institutions operating in private and other ways..


” With the core of standardizing land for the aged as the core, the training of talents will be started in an all-round way.”

November 20th

Ministry of commerce

” Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Pension Service Industry”

Explore the diversified development of home-based care service system, and strive to make the city’s home-based care service network fully covered, service facilities constantly enriched, service content and form constantly enriched, and service team constantly expanded. Construction of standardized community day care centers, activity centers for the elderly and comprehensive facilities and sites for rural elderly services; Cultivate a number of leading enterprises with strong driving force, small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative vitality, service institutions and industrial clusters with strong competitiveness and remarkable economic and social benefits, and well-known service brands for the aged to lay the foundation and accumulate experience for the long-term development of the service industry for the aged..

November 1

Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission

Notice on Issues Related to Relief of Administrative Charges for the Aged and Medical Institutions

The construction of non-profit pension and medical institutions shall be exempted from administrative fees in full, and the construction of for-profit pension and medical institutions shall be halved.

30 October

Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, etc

Notice on carrying out the pilot work of pension service and community service information benefiting the people project

We will promote the wide application of information technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things in the fields of pension services and community services, better meet the needs of pension services and community services, and release the potential of information consumption.. Promote the construction of community service informatization, innovate the way of grass-roots social management, enhance the community’s ability to serve the masses, expand the participation of social forces, and improve the community information consumption environment.

September 12

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance, etc

Notice on Accelerating the Construction of Health and Pension Service Projects

Parallel development of health, pension, sports fitness and other undertakings, strengthening the construction of health service system, pension service system, sports fitness facilities and so on.

August 26

Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Aging Office

Notice on Doing a Good Job in Government’s Purchase of Pension Services

The contents of the purchase mainly include the purchase of home-based services such as meals, bath, cleaning, emergency, medical and nursing care for the elderly who meet the conditions of government funding, and the construction of information network for the elderly service. Purchase community day care, recreational and sports activities for the elderly and other services; Purchase institutional support and nursing services for the ” three noes” elderly, the low-income elderly and the disabled and semi-disabled elderly with financial difficulties; Purchase vocational training, vocational education and continuing education for nursing staff for the aged.

August 9

The State Council

Some Opinions on Promoting Tourism Reform and Development

Promote plastic surgery, internal surgery and other advantages of medical resources to provide medical tourism services at home and abroad. Give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and form a batch of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism service products. Standardize the service process and service standards, and develop medical tourism such as characteristic medical treatment, convalescence and rehabilitation, beauty care and health care.

Pay close attention to the development of elderly tourism service standards, and promote the formation of professional elderly tourism service brands.

18 June

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Affairs, etc

” Opinions on Accelerating Talent Cultivation in Pension Service Industry”

The main tasks are to expand the scale of personnel training in vocational education for the aged, speed up the development of undergraduate education for the aged, actively develop postgraduate education for the aged, support the construction of training bases for the aged, promote the construction of professional points related to the aged, strengthen the construction of professional teaching materials related to the aged, strengthen the construction of professional teaching staff related to the aged, and carry out extensive international exchanges and cooperation..

28 May

Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Land and Resources, etc

Notice on Promoting the Construction of Urban Endowment Service Facilities

The construction of pension services and related facilities will be included in the economic and social development plan, the overall land use plan and relevant urban and rural planning; Combined with the specific targets of home and community pension service facilities and construction of various pension institutions, the construction scale and land demand are calculated, the annual land use plan is determined according to the plan decomposition, and the implementation is carried out year by year. The newly-built residential ( small ) area should plan, construct, check and accept the home and community old-age care facilities simultaneously with the residence, and deliver them for use at the same time.. The home and community old-age service facilities of large residential development projects can be properly distributed, while small residential development projects can be appropriately centralized in the vicinity.

17 April

Office of Ministry of Land and Resources

” Guidance on Land Use for Pension Service Facilities”

Houses and facilities dedicated to providing life care, rehabilitation care and trusteeship services for the elderly occupy land, which can be determined as land for old-age service facilities. According to the law to determine the old-age service facilities land use and duration.

February 13

Ministry of Housing and Urban – Rural Development, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Office for Aging

Notice on Strengthening Planning and Construction of Pension Service Facilities

According to the requirements of ” home – based care for the aged, community-based care for the aged, and institutional care for the aged”, combined with the size of the elderly population and the demand for care for the aged, the construction plan for care for the aged is clearly defined, and relevant contents are incorporated into the overall planning of cities and towns, so as to strengthen the overall coordination of regional care for the aged and promote the integration of urban and rural care for the aged..

In 2013

” Start with standardized management of services and promote inter-industry cooperation.”

December 27

Ministry of Civil Affairs and Development and Reform Commission

Notice on the Pilot Work of Comprehensive Reform of Pension Services

Improve the old-age service system, guide social forces to participate in the old-age service, improve the old-age service development policy, strengthen the layout of urban old-age service facilities, innovate the old-age service supply mode, cultivate the old-age service industry cluster, strengthen the construction of the old-age service team and strengthen the supervision of the old-age service market.

14 October

The State Council

Some Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Pension Services

Overall planning and development of urban old-age service facilities, vigorous development of home-based old-age service network, vigorous strengthening of old-age institutions and practical strengthening of rural old-age service. We will improve investment and financing services, land supply, tax incentives and subsidy policies to support the elderly service industry.. Prospering the consumer market of the old-age service industry and developing a number of service industries including old-age products, old-age health services and old-age finance. Pilot housing reverse mortgage insurance for the elderly. Clear the basic guarantee of the government and give full play to the main role of social forces.

16 August

Executive meeting of the State Council

” Tasks and Measures for Deepening Reform and Accelerating the Development of Pension Services”

Strengthening the capacity-building of pension services; To provide pension services hierarchically and hierarchically; Innovating the old-age service model; Strengthen rural old-age care services; Promote the development of medical and nursing integration; Explore a new mode of cooperation between medical institutions and pension institutions.

28 June

Ministry of civil affairs

Issued ” measures for the administration of pension institutions”. Through the ” licensing measures for the establishment of pension institutions”, which will be implemented as of July 1, 2013.

2011 – 2012

Social development of the old-age care industry started

July 2012

Ministry of civil affairs

” Implementation Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding Private Capital to Enter the Field of Pension Services”

Encourage private capital to participate in home care and community care services. Encourage private capital to set up pension institutions or service facilities. Encourage private capital to participate in the development of pension industry. The implementation of preferential policies for private capital participation in pension services. Increase financial support for private capital to enter the field of pension services. To strengthen the guidance of private capital into the field of pension services.

December 2011

Office of the State Council

Planning for the Construction of Social Endowment Service System ( 2011 – 2015 )

Construction tasks include improving the home-based care environment, improving the home-based care support system, supporting elderly people in need to implement barrier-free facilities at the home-based care level, focusing on building community care facilities such as day care centers for the elderly, care centers for the elderly, activity centers for the elderly, mutual care service centers for the elderly, and promoting the construction of support – based, maintenance – based and medical care-based care facilities at the institutional care level..

September 2011

The State Council

” China’s 12th Five – Year Plan for Aging Development”

On the strategic countermeasures, we should establish the basic framework of the strategic system to deal with the aging of the population, formulate and implement long-term plans for the aging cause, and establish a social endowment security system covering urban and rural residents in terms of economic security..

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Part II: National Policy on Health Industry

According to the Chinese government website, the State Council recently issued ” Some Opinions on Promoting the Development of Health Service Industry.”. The ” opinions” put forward that the enthusiasm and creativity of social forces should be fully mobilized on the basis of ensuring the people’s basic medical and health service demand, and efforts should be made to expand supply, innovate development models, improve consumption capacity and promote the coordinated development of basic and non-basic health services.. We will strive to basically establish a health service system covering the whole life cycle, rich in connotation and reasonable in structure by 2020, with a total scale of more than 8 trillion yuan..

The ” opinions” clearly define the main task of developing the health service industry in the coming period. First, vigorously develop medical services. The second is to speed up the development of health care services for the elderly. Third, actively developing health insurance. Fourth, comprehensively develop medical and health care services in traditional Chinese medicine. Fifth, support the development of diversified health services such as health examination consultation, national sports fitness, health culture and tourism. Six is to cultivate supporting industries related to health service industry. Seven is to improve the human resources guarantee mechanism. Increase the intensity of personnel training and vocational training to promote the flow of talents. Eight is to lay a solid foundation for the development of health services. Promote the informatization of health services and strengthen the construction of credit system.

The full text of the Opinion reads as follows:

the several opinions on promoting the development of health service industry

No. 40[ 2013 ]of the State Council

People’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and agencies directly under the state Council:

Since the implementation of the new round of reform of the medical and health system, significant phased results have been achieved, universal medical insurance has been basically realized, the basic medical and health system has been initially established, and the people have received obvious benefits, which has also created favorable conditions for accelerating the development of the health service industry.. In order to achieve the goal of universal access to basic medical and health services and meet the growing demand of the people for health services, we must continue to implement the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System ( Zhongfa[ 2009 ]No. 6 ), unswervingly deepen the reform of the medical and health system, adhere to the basic medical and health system as the core concept for public products to be provided to the whole people, speed up the improvement of the universal medical insurance system in accordance with the basic principles of basic health care, strengthening the grassroots and establishing mechanisms, consolidate and improve the basic drug system and the new mechanisms for grass-roots operation, actively promote the reform of public hospitals and promote the equalization of basic public health services as a whole.. At the same time, we should mobilize social forces extensively and develop the health service industry at the same time..

The health service industry aims to maintain and promote people’s physical and mental health, mainly including medical services, health management and promotion, health insurance and related services, involving supporting industries such as medicines, medical devices, health products, health food and fitness products, with a wide coverage and a long industrial chain.. Speeding up the development of health service industry is an inevitable requirement for deepening health reform, improving people’s livelihood and improving the health quality of the whole people. It is also an important measure to further expand domestic demand, promote employment and change the mode of economic development. It is of great significance for stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and benefiting people’s livelihood and building a well-off society in an all-round way.. In order to promote the development of health service industry, the following opinions are put forward:

I general requirements

( 1 ) Guiding ideology.

Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of ” Three Represents” and the scientific concept of development, on the basis of ensuring people’s basic medical and health service needs, we should change government functions, strengthen policy guidance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of social forces, vigorously introduce social capital, strive to expand supply, innovate service models and improve consumption capacity, continuously meet people’s multi-level and diversified health service needs, inject new impetus into economic and social transformation and create necessary conditions for promoting people’s all-round development..

( 2 ) Basic principles.

Adhere to the people – oriented, overall promotion. To improve the health quality and level of the whole people as the basic starting point and foothold for the development of health service industry, and earnestly safeguard the people’s health rights and interests. Distinguish between basic and non-basic health services to achieve coordinated development between the two. Overall planning of urban and rural and regional health service resource allocation to promote balanced development.

Adhere to government guidance and market drive. Strengthen the government’s responsibilities in system construction, planning, policy formulation and supervision. Give full play to the basic role of the market in the allocation of resources, stimulate social vitality, continuously increase the supply of health services and improve the quality and efficiency of services.

Insist on Deepening Reform and Innovating Development. Strengthen scientific and technological support, expand the scope of services, encourage the development of new formats, improve the standardization and specialization of health services, and establish a system and mechanism of health services that are consistent with national conditions and sustainable development..

( 3 ) Development objectives.

By 2020, a health service system covering the whole life cycle, rich in connotation and reasonable in structure will be basically established, a number of well-known brands and virtuous circle of health service industry clusters will be created, and a certain international competitiveness will be formed to basically meet the health service needs of the broad masses of the people.. The total scale of the health service industry reached more than 8 trillion yuan, becoming an important force in promoting the sustained economic and social development.

– medical service capacity has been greatly improved. The medical and health service system has become more perfect, forming a multi-dimensional medical service pattern with non-profit medical institutions as the main body, profit-making medical institutions as the supplement, public medical institutions as the leading body and non-public medical institutions developing together.. Rehabilitation, nursing and other services grew rapidly. The service quality of various medical and health institutions has been further improved.

– Health management and promotion of service level improved significantly. Traditional Chinese medicine health care, health care for the aged, health examination, consultation and management, constitution determination, sports fitness, medical care and tourism and other diversified health services have been greatly developed..

– Health insurance services have been further improved. Commercial health insurance products are more abundant, the number of insured people has increased significantly, and the proportion of commercial health insurance expenditure in total health expenses has increased significantly, forming a relatively perfect health insurance mechanism..

– The scale of supporting industries related to health services has significantly expanded. The level of R & D and manufacturing technology for drugs, medical devices, rehabilitation aids, health products, fitness products and other products has greatly improved, the market share of products with independent intellectual property rights has greatly increased, and the relevant circulation industries have developed in an orderly manner..

– The environment for the development of the health service industry has been continuously optimized. Health service industry policies and regulations have been established and perfected, industry norms and standards have been more scientific and improved, industry management and supervision have been more effective, people’s health awareness and literacy have been significantly improved, and a good environment has been formed for the whole society to participate in and support the development of health service industry..

Ii. main tasks

( a ) vigorously develop medical services.

To speed up the formation of a multi-dimensional medical pattern. We will earnestly implement the government’s responsibility to run medical services, rationally formulate regional health plans and plans for the establishment of medical institutions, clarify the number, size and layout of public medical institutions, and adhere to the leading position of public medical institutions in providing basic medical services to urban and rural residents.. At the same time, enterprises, charitable organizations, foundations and commercial insurance institutions are encouraged to invest in the medical service industry in various forms such as new investment, participation in restructuring, trusteeship and public-run private enterprises.. Vigorously support social capital to hold non-profit medical institutions and provide basic medical and health services. We will further relax the conditions for Chinese – foreign joint ventures and cooperation in running medical institutions, and gradually expand the pilot project of establishing wholly foreign-owned medical institutions with qualified overseas capital.. All localities should clear up and cancel unreasonable regulations and speed up the implementation of the policy of equal treatment of non-public medical institutions and public medical institutions in market access, social insurance designated points, key specialty construction, professional title evaluation, academic status, grade evaluation and technical access, etc.. For the upstream and downstream industrial chain projects funded by non-public economic entities of non-profit medical institutions, priority should be given to supporting them according to relevant industrial policies. Encourage local governments to intensify reform and innovation, try first in social medical service, and the state will select qualified regions and key projects as the contact points for promoting social medical service..

Optimize the allocation of medical service resources. Cities rich in public hospital resources should accelerate the reform of medical institutions run by state-owned enterprises. The state has designated some areas to carry out pilot reform of public hospitals.To guide the development of non-public medical institutions to a high level and on a large scale, and to encourage the development of professional hospital management groups. The inspection of medical institutions above level 2 is open to all medical institutions and promotes mutual recognition of inspection results among medical institutions. Governments at all levels should continue to take measures to improve institutional mechanisms, purchase social services, strengthen facilities construction, strengthen talent and information construction, and promote the extension of high-quality resources to poor areas and rural areas.. All localities should encourage the rational distribution and active development of medical institutions such as rehabilitation hospitals, geriatric hospitals, nursing hospitals, hospice care hospitals, etc. in various ways such as transformation and new construction of urban secondary hospitals..

Promote the development of professional and standardized nursing services. Promote the price adjustment of clinical nursing services to better reflect the service cost and technical labor value of nursing staff. Strengthen clinical nursing post responsibility management, improve quality evaluation mechanism, strengthen training and assessment, improve nursing quality, and establish a long-term mechanism to stabilize nursing staff. Scientific evaluation of nursing titles was carried out, and evaluation criteria focused on the quantity, quality, patient satisfaction and medical ethics of clinical nursing services. Increase policy support, encourage the development of rehabilitation care, elderly care, home care and other care services to meet the needs of different groups, and improve the standard service level.

( two ) to speed up the development of health care services.

To promote cooperation between medical institutions and pension institutions. Fully incorporate the concept of health into the old-age care service and strengthen the support of medical and health services. Establish and improve the mechanism of business cooperation between medical institutions and old-age care institutions, encourage the opening of green channels for appointment visits between old-age care institutions and medical institutions, and coordinate the management of chronic diseases and rehabilitation care for the elderly. Strengthen the ability of medical institutions to provide convenient and preferential medical services for the elderly. Promote referral and cooperation between hospitals above the second level and geriatric hospitals, geriatric nursing homes, rehabilitation and recuperation institutions, etc.. All localities should co-ordinate the resources of medical services and pension services, rationally distribute pension institutions and geriatric hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly, rehabilitation and recuperation institutions, etc., and form a healthy pension service network that is appropriate in scale, complementary in functions, safe and convenient.

Develop community health care services for the aged. To improve the community’s ability to provide daily care, chronic disease management, rehabilitation, health education and consultation, traditional Chinese medicine health care and other services for the elderly, and to encourage medical institutions to extend care services to residents’ families. Encourage the development of various forms of care services for the elderly, such as day care, full care and half care, gradually enrich and improve the service content, and do a good job in health extension services such as home visits..

( 3 ) Actively developing health insurance.

Rich commercial health insurance products. On the basis of improving the basic medical security system and steadily improving the level of basic medical security, commercial insurance companies are encouraged to provide diversified, multi-level and standardized products and services. Encourage the development of commercial health insurance linked to basic medical insurance, promote commercial insurance companies to undertake serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents, and expand the coverage of the population. Actively develop long-term care commercial insurance and commercial health insurance products related to health management and pension services. The implementation of medical liability insurance, medical accident insurance and other forms of medical practice insurance.

Develop diversified health insurance services. Establish a mechanism for commercial insurance companies to cooperate with medical, physical examination, nursing and other institutions, strengthen the supervision of medical behaviors and the control of medical expenses, promote the standardization of medical service behaviors, provide health risk assessment, health risk intervention and other services for insured persons, and explore new organizational forms such as health management organizations on this basis. Encourage the government to purchase services by entrusting qualified commercial insurance institutions to carry out various medical insurance handling services.

( four ) the comprehensive development of medical and health services in traditional Chinese medicine.

To improve the ability of health services of traditional Chinese medicine. Give full play to the advantages of TCM medical prevention and health care, improve the service capacity of TCM at the grass-roots level, and strive to make all community health service institutions, township hospitals and 70 % of village clinics have the service capacity of TCM. Promote medical institutions to carry out preventive health care services of traditional Chinese medicine, and encourage retail pharmacies to provide clinical services of traditional Chinese medicine in the sitting room. Development of TCM diagnosis and treatment, TCM health care instruments and equipment.

Promote scientific and standardized knowledge and products of traditional Chinese medicine health care. Strengthen the planting of medicinal and edible Chinese medicinal materials and product research and application, and develop health care products suitable for local environment and living habits. Propaganda and popularization of health care knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, promotion of scientific and effective health care and health care services of traditional Chinese medicine, and encouragement of qualified Chinese doctors to provide health care consulting and conditioning services in health care institutions. Encourage and support excellent Chinese medicine institutions to open Chinese medicine hospitals and chain clinics overseas to cultivate internationally famous Chinese medicine brands and service institutions.

( 5 ) Supporting the development of diversified health services.

Development of health services such as physical examination and consultation. Guide medical institutions to improve service level and carry out chain operation. Accelerate the development of mental health services and cultivate professional and standardized psychological counseling and counseling institutions. Standardize the development of maternal and child care services. We will push forward the pilot reform of the service model and incentive mechanism for general practitioners and explore contracted services for families of residents.. Vigorously carry out health consultation and disease prevention, and promote the shift from treatment to prevention.

Developing National Sports Fitness. To further carry out the national fitness campaign, publicize and popularize scientific fitness knowledge, raise people’s awareness of sports fitness and guide sports fitness consumption. Strengthen the construction of multi-functional mass fitness facilities at the grass-roots level. By 2020, more than 80 % of cities ( prefectures ), counties ( cities and districts ) will have ” national fitness centers” and more than 70 % of streets ( villages and towns ) and communities ( administrative villages ) will have convenient and practical sports fitness facilities. Take measures to promote the opening of sports venues and school sports facilities to the public. Support and guide social forces to participate in the construction and operation management of stadiums and gymnasiums. Encourage the development of various forms of sports fitness clubs and sports fitness organizations, as well as sports fitness training, fitness guidance and consultation services.Vigorously support youth and children’s physical fitness, and encourage the development of sports fitness services suitable for their growth characteristics.

Develop a healthy culture and tourism. Support the development of health knowledge dissemination institutions and cultivate healthy cultural industries. Encourage qualified regions to face the international and domestic markets, integrate local superior medical resources, traditional Chinese medicine and other special health care resources, green eco-tourism resources, and develop health care, sports and medical health tourism.

( six ) to cultivate supporting industries related to health service industry.

Support the research, development, manufacture and application of independent intellectual property drugs, medical devices and other related health products. We will continue to support research and development and industrialization of innovative medicines, medical devices and new biomedical materials through relevant technologies, special funds for construction and industrial funds, support imitation of expired patented medicines, and support research and development and production of special health products and rehabilitation aids for the elderly and the disabled.. Support the research and development of digital medical products and health testing, monitoring and health internet of things suitable for individuals and families. Increase policy support to increase the domestic market share and international competitiveness of medical equipment, materials and health products with independent intellectual property rights.

Vigorously develop third-party services. Guide the development of professional medical examination centers and imaging centers. Support the development of third-party medical service evaluation, health management service evaluation, and health market investigation and consultation services. Fair treatment of social forces to provide food and drug testing services. Encourage pharmaceutical research, clinical trials and other biomedical research and development services outsourcing. We will improve the science and technology intermediary system and vigorously develop specialized and market-oriented services for the transformation of medical scientific and technological achievements..

Support the development of health service industry clusters. All localities are encouraged to give policy support and inclination to land planning, municipal facilities, institutional access, talent introduction and practice environment in combination with local actual and characteristic advantages, to build a health service industry cluster and to explore system innovation.. Through comprehensive measures such as increasing scientific and technological support, deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and guiding industrial policies, a number of key industries such as medical treatment, drugs, medical devices, and traditional Chinese medicine should be cultivated to create a number of well-known brands with international influence..

( seven ) improve the human resources security mechanism.

Increase the intensity of personnel training and vocational training. We will support institutions of higher learning and secondary vocational schools in setting up disciplines related to the health service industry, and guide relevant institutions of higher learning to rationally determine the scale of training of relevant professionals.. Encourage social capital to set up vocational colleges to standardize and speed up the training of nurses, nursing staff for the aged, pharmacists, nutritionists, nursery teachers, masseuses, rehabilitation therapists, health managers, fitness coaches, social sports instructors and other employees. To participate in the relevant vocational training and occupation skill appraisal personnel, in accordance with the provisions of the conditions of subsidies. Establish and improve the continuing education system for health service employees. All localities should closely link the development of health services with the implementation of various employment and entrepreneurship support policies


Together, give full play to the role of the health service industry in absorbing employment.

To promote the flow of talents. Accelerate the standardization of doctors to practice more. Encourage local governments to explore the establishment of a mechanism for the full and orderly flow of regional medical and health personnel. We will continue to deepen the reform of the personnel system in public hospitals, promote socialized management of medical personnel, and gradually change identity management into post management. To explore the cooperation mechanism between public medical institutions and non-public medical institutions in terms of technology and talents, and to support the training, training and further education of non-public medical institutions.. Medical and nursing personnel with professional qualifications who serve in pension institutions enjoy the same treatment as medical and nursing personnel in terms of professional title evaluation, professional and technical training and continuing medical education. In – depth implementation of medical and health personnel projects to attract high-level medical and health personnel to return home for service.

( eight ) to consolidate the foundation for the development of health service industry.

To promote the informatization of health services. Formulate relevant information and data standards, strengthen the construction of information management systems such as hospitals and medical security, make full use of existing information and network facilities, and realize the sharing of information such as medical security, medical services and health management as soon as possible. Actively develop health services such as online appointment registration, online consultation and communication and interaction. The development of telemedicine mainly focuses on remote imaging diagnosis, remote consultation, remote monitoring guidance, remote operation guidance, and remote education for the grassroots, remote and underdeveloped areas.. Explore the development of an open and transparent electronic commerce platform for medicines and medical devices with standardized operation and equal competition. Support the development and promotion of low-cost digital health equipment and information systems that meet the needs of villages and towns and rural areas. Gradually expand the digital medical equipment, explore the development of portable health data acquisition equipment, integrate with the internet of things and mobile internet, and continuously improve the level of automatic and intelligent health information services.

Strengthen the construction of credit system. To guide enterprises and relevant employees to enhance their sense of integrity, consciously carry out integrity services, strengthen industry self-discipline and social supervision, and speed up the construction of integrity service system. Give full play to the role of industry associations and societies in industry coordination, industry development, monitoring and research, as well as standard – setting, practitioners’ practice norms and industry reputation maintenance. Establish and improve the system of bad practice record, dishonesty punishment and forced withdrawal mechanism, and incorporate the integrity management and practice of health service institutions and their employees into the unified credit information platform. We will strengthen statistical monitoring, speed up the improvement of statistical investigation methods and indicator systems in the health service industry, and improve the relevant information release system..

Iii. policy measures

( a ) to relax market access. To establish an open, transparent, equal and standardized access system for health services, all areas not explicitly prohibited by laws and regulations should be opened to social capital and the open areas should be continuously expanded; All areas open to local capital should be open to foreign capital. Private non-profit organizations enjoy the same treatment as public organizations in the same industry.For service enterprises with chain operation, the headquarters of the enterprise shall go through the registration formalities in industrial and commercial registration in a unified manner. All localities should further standardize and open the basic standards and approval procedures for the establishment of medical institutions, strictly control the time limit for approval, delegate approval authority, timely release information such as institutional setup and planning and layout adjustment, and encourage qualified localities to determine the main body of the organization or operation by means of bidding, etc.. Simplify the examination and approval procedures for projects, start – up, qualification and medical insurance designated points of medical institutions in short supply, such as rehabilitation hospitals, geriatric hospitals, children’s hospitals, nursing homes, etc.. To study and cancel unreasonable pre-approval items. Relaxing restrictions on the number, size and layout of for-profit hospitals and the allocation of large medical equipment.

( two ) to strengthen the planning and layout and land security. Governments at all levels should consider the development needs of the health service industry in the overall land use planning and urban and rural planning, expand the supply of land for the health service industry, and give priority to the protection of land for non-profit organizations.. The newly-built residential areas and communities shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions, ensure the supporting facilities of health services such as medical and health services, cultural and sports services and community services in public service facilities. Support the use of the existing real estate and the original land acquired by allocation to set up health services, and the land use and use right may not be changed for the time being. Health service items that have been continuously operated for more than 1 year and meet the allocated land catalogue can go through the land use formalities according to the allocated land; Do not meet the allocation of land directory, can take agreement transfer procedures for land use.

( C ) Optimizing investment and financing guidance policies. Encourage financial institutions to increase their support to the health service industry in accordance with the principles of controllable risk and sustainable business, innovate financial products and services suitable for the characteristics of the health service industry, and expand their business scale. Actively support qualified health service enterprises in listing, financing and issuing bonds. Encourage all kinds of venture capital institutions and financing guarantee institutions to carry out business for innovative new formats and small and micro enterprises in the field of health services. The government guides and promotes the establishment of a health industry investment fund jointly financed by financial and industrial capital. Innovating the way of using foreign capital in the health service industry, effectively using foreign direct investment, preferential loans from international organizations and foreign governments, and international commercial loans. Vigorously introduce overseas professionals, management techniques and business models to improve the knowledge and technical level of international cooperation in the health service industry.

( four ) improve the fiscal and taxation price policy. Establish and improve the mechanism for the government to purchase social services, and public health service products guaranteed by the government can be provided through the purchase of services, gradually increasing the category and quantity of government procurement. Innovating the way financial funds are used, guiding and encouraging financing guarantee agencies and other support for the development of the health service industry. Bring the health service industry into the scope of financial support for the development of the service industry and increase support. For non-public medical institutions that meet the conditions and provide basic medical and health services, their specialty construction, equipment purchase and talent team construction will be included in the scope of financial special funds support. We will improve the government’s investment subsidy policy and support social capital to set up non-profit health service organizations by means of public-run private businesses and public office assistance.. Pharmaceutical enterprises identified as high-tech enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies for high-tech enterprises according to law. Donations made by enterprises and individuals to non-profit medical institutions through public welfare social organizations or people’s governments at or above the county level and their departments are deducted before tax in accordance with the provisions of the tax law and relevant tax policies. Play the role of price in promoting the development of health service industry. Non – public medical institutions implement the same price policy as public medical institutions for water, electricity, gas and heat. All localities exempted the construction of non-profit medical institutions from the relevant administrative fees, and halved the relevant administrative fees for the construction of for-profit medical institutions. Clean up and cancel the illegal and unreasonable administrative fees for health service institutions. Correcting the discriminatory price policies issued by all localities on their own. Explore the establishment of a new mechanism for the formation of pharmaceutical prices. The price of medical services in non-public medical institutions is regulated by the market.

( five ) to guide and ensure the sustainable growth of healthy consumption. The government has further increased its investment in health services and is leaning towards low-income groups.. Improve and guide the insured to take advantage of basic medical services and rehabilitation medical services. Efforts have been made to establish and improve the industrial injury insurance system combining prevention, compensation and rehabilitation. Encourage local governments to explore the specific forms of subsidies for the elderly, living alone and disabled elderly who are in financial difficulties to directly subsidize the health consumption of the masses.. The supplementary medical insurance premium paid by the enterprise for its employees in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations of the state shall be deducted before the enterprise income tax according to the tax policies and regulations. Learning from foreign experience and combining with China’s national conditions, we will improve and perfect the tax policies related to health insurance.

( six ) improve the health service regulations and standards and supervision. To promote the formulation and revision of relevant laws and administrative regulations to promote the development of health service industry. To standardize service behavior, improve service quality and service level as the core, improve the service standard system, strengthen the implementation of standards, and improve the standardization level of health service industry. In the emerging field of health services, leading enterprises, local and industry associations are encouraged to participate in the formulation of service standards. In the health service industry that cannot be standardized at present, systems such as service commitment, service convention and service standard are widely implemented. Improve the supervision mechanism, innovate the supervision methods, carry out territorial management, standardize the practice of health service institutions according to law, strengthen the supervision of service quality and daily market supervision, and severely punish illegal business activities.

( seven ) to create a good social atmosphere. Make full use of emerging media such as radio and television, print media and the Internet to publicize health knowledge in depth, encourage the establishment of special health channels or programs, advocate a healthy lifestyle, and form a social atmosphere that attaches importance to and promotes health in the whole society.. Through extensive publicity and typical reports, the social status of health service employees has been continuously improved. Standardize advertising and related information release in pharmaceuticals, health food and medical institutions, crack down on false propaganda and false reports, and actively create a good healthy consumption atmosphere.

All regions and departments should attach great importance to the development of health services, strengthen communication and coordination, cooperate closely and form a working force..All relevant departments should perform their duties according to the requirements of this opinion and work out relevant supporting documents according to the division of responsibilities to ensure that all tasks and measures are implemented in place. The people’s governments at the provincial level should formulate specific plans, plans or special action plans to promote the orderly and rapid development of health services in the region.. The Development and Reform Commission shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, conduct supervision, inspection and follow-up analysis of the implementation of this opinion, and report major situations and problems to the State Council in a timely manner. The State Council will organize special inspections in due course.

The State Council

28 September 2013

Title III: National Policy on Health Industry

People’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and agencies directly under the state Council:

The pharmaceutical industry is an important foundation for supporting the development of medical and health care and health service industry, is a sunrise industry with strong growth, relevance and drive, and has played a positive role in benefiting people’s livelihood and stabilizing growth. Vigorously developing the pharmaceutical industry is of great significance for deepening the reform of the medical and health system, promoting the construction of a healthy China and fostering new impetus for economic development. Since the reform and opening up, China’s pharmaceutical industry has made great progress, its industrial scale has increased rapidly and its supply capacity has increased significantly, but it still faces problems such as weak independent innovation ability, irrational industrial structure and irregular market order.. At present, the rapid development of global medical science and technology, the profound adjustment and reform of the medical industry, and the sustained growth of the people’s health demand all put forward urgent requirements for the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry.. In order to promote the promotion of the core competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry in China and promote the sustained and healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry, with the consent of the State Council, the following opinions are hereby put forward.

I general requirements

( 1 ) Guiding ideology. We will fully implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, firmly establish and earnestly implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, take the initiative to welcome a new round of industrial change, stimulate the innovation vitality of the pharmaceutical industry, reduce the cost of the whole process from research and development to listing, accelerate the reform of the system and mechanism in the fields of approval, production, circulation and use of pharmaceutical products, and promote the intellectualization, service and ecology of the pharmaceutical industry to achieve high-speed development and high-end development in the industry..

( 2 ) Basic principles.

Insist on market leading and government guiding. Strengthen the dominant position of the enterprise market, so that the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better plays the role of the government. Cooperate with the implementation of relevant health reform policies, improve the industrial policy and regulatory system, standardize the market order, pay attention to the mutual promotion of industrial upgrading and promotion and application, and create a fair competition environment.

Adhere to innovation-driven and open cooperation. Improve the innovation environment, promote the in-depth integration of government, industry, university and research, strengthen the construction of pharmaceutical technology innovation capacity, and promote the innovation of technology, products and business models. Accelerate the integration of pharmaceutical product management, quality, standards and registration systems with the international community, make full use of international resources, and strengthen the global distribution of industries and international cooperation.

Adhere to industrial agglomeration and green development. Promote the concentration of chemical raw materials in parks with strong environmental carrying capacity and good production supporting conditions. Guide the planting ( breeding ) and processing integration of traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine enterprises. The implementation of enterprise circular production, industrial circular combination and park circular transformation will promote green transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry and green and safe development.

Insist on improving quality and ensuring supply. Strengthen the main responsibility of enterprise quality, improve the quality standard and testing system, and ensure the safety and effectiveness of products. We will strengthen capacity-building in the production and supply of essential medicines, improve the information network for the circulation of medicines, establish fast channels for the review and approval of medicines in short supply and innovative medicines and for market access, and improve supply guarantee capacity..

( 3 ) Main objectives. By 2020, the innovation capability of the pharmaceutical industry will be significantly improved, the supply guarantee capability will be significantly enhanced, more than 90 % of the major patent expired drugs will be copied and listed, and the shortage of drugs in clinical use will be effectively alleviated. Green development of industry, safety and high efficiency, and obvious improvement of quality management level; The industrial organization structure was further optimized, the system and mechanism were gradually improved, and the market environment was significantly improved. The scale of the pharmaceutical industry has further expanded, with the annual growth rate of the main business income higher than 10 %, and the growth rate of industrial added value continues to be among the highest in all industrial industries..

Ii. main tasks

( four ) to strengthen technological innovation and improve the core competitiveness.

Promote innovation capability. We will intensify the reform of the scientific and technological system and improve the pharmaceutical collaborative innovation system for government, industry, university and research.. We will strengthen innovation capacity-building in the areas of original research medicine, first imitation medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, new preparations and high-end medical devices, optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources, and create a scientific and efficient scientific and technological innovation base with reasonable layout.. Using information technology such as database, computer screening and internet, public service platforms such as medical product technology research and development, industrialization, safety evaluation and clinical evaluation will be built. Actively develop public space for innovation, vigorously promote public innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivate a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises with characteristic technology and high-end talents, promote the transformation of R & D outsourcing enterprises into whole-process innovation, and improve the research and development capacity of new pharmaceutical products..

Promote the industrialization of major drugs. We will continue to promote new drug discovery, accelerate the development of chemical drug preparation technologies such as chiral synthesis, enzyme catalysis and crystallization control, promote biotechnology research and engineering such as large-scale cell culture and purification, antibody coupling and serum-free protein-free medium culture, and improve the technical level of new preparations such as long – acting, controlled release and targeting.. Guided by the need for clinical medication, we will focus on the development of targeted, highly selective and new therapeutic drugs in the fields of tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, mental diseases, high-risk immune diseases, major infectious diseases and rare diseases, and will focus on imitation of foreign patent expired drugs with great market potential and urgent clinical needs.. Accelerate the development and industrialization of new antibodies, proteins, polypeptides and other biological drugs. Improve the vaccine supply system and actively create urgently needed varieties and new adjuvants such as hand-foot-mouth disease vaccine, new polio vaccine and cervical cancer vaccine. To develop new varieties, dosage forms and specifications in line with children’s physiological characteristics according to children’s medication needs. To carry out fixed-point production of essential drugs that are clinically necessary, small in dosage and in short supply in the market, to strengthen its production capacity and regular reserve to meet the basic drug demand of the masses.

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of medical devices. Focus on the development of key components such as digital detectors, superconducting magnets, high heat capacity X – ray tubes, accurate positioning and navigation of surgery, data acquisition, processing and analysis, biological three-dimensional ( 3D ) printing and other technologies. Development of nuclear medicine imaging equipment such as PET – CT and PET – MRI, superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system ( MRI ), multi-row spiral CT, color ultrasound diagnosis, image-guided radiotherapy, proton / heavy ion tumor treatment, medical robots, health monitoring, telemedicine and other high-performance medical equipment. Promote the industrialization of in vitro diagnostic equipment and supporting reagents such as full-automatic biochemical analyzer, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, high-throughput gene sequencer and five-class blood cell analyzer.Development of high-end implant intervention products such as heart valves, cardiac pacemakers, fully degradable vascular stents, artificial joints and spine, cochlear implants, and high-end products of rehabilitation aids. Actively explore the research and development of medical devices based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

To promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. To carry out research on technical standards of traditional Chinese medicine, ethnic medicine and its clinical application, to strengthen the formulation of technical standards for planting ( breeding ) cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine, to establish a standard system for authentic traditional Chinese medicine, and to strengthen the protection of geographical indication products in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. To carry out the breeding of improved varieties of traditional Chinese medicine and the promotion of modern planting ( breeding ) and production technology, and to build an integrated base of standardized planting ( breeding ) and large-scale processing in suitable areas. Accelerate the establishment of a dynamic monitoring system for Chinese herbal medicine resources and carry out ecological environmental impact assessment for the utilization of wild Chinese herbal medicine resources. Strengthen the construction of traceability system for the production, circulation and use of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and improve the quality and safety level of traditional Chinese medicine products. Development of modern extraction and purification technology of traditional Chinese medicine, development of preparation technology such as mucosal administration conforming to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and promotion of quality control, automation and online monitoring in the production of traditional Chinese medicine. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, we will promote the secondary development and application of classic prescriptions and develop a batch of traditional Chinese medicine products with definite curative effect, high safety, clear effective components and clear mechanism of action.. Strengthen the theoretical research of ethnic medicine, promote the development of ethnic medicine systems such as Tibetan medicine, Uygur medicine, Mongolian medicine and Dai medicine, improve the preparation level of ethnic medical institutions, and create new varieties with resource characteristics and curative effect advantages.

( five ) to speed up the quality upgrade and promote green and safe development.

Strict production quality management. We will fully implement and strictly implement the new version of good manufacturing practice ( GMP ), improve the quality management system for the whole life cycle and the whole industrial chain, implement all – staff, whole-process and all-round quality management, and improve the drug safety traceability system.. Strict temperature control, cleanliness and other production environment standards, strengthen management standards, work standards and other document management, and establish quality management systems such as quality risk prevention and control, supplier audit, continuous stability inspection and quality authorization. Strengthen the consciousness of the first responsible person of quality and safety in pharmaceutical enterprises and implement the main responsibility of quality. Strengthen quality and safety training, strictly manage the environment, occupational health and safety ( EHS ) and improve the quality of employees. Standardize production and operation behavior, focus on solving problems such as attaching importance to certification over execution and attaching importance to hardware over software, strengthen quality supervision of essential drugs, and urge pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises to comprehensively improve quality management level..

Improve quality control technology. Establish scientific and effective quality standards and control methods, popularize and apply advanced quality control techniques, improve product design, optimize process routes, improve the whole process quality control system from raw materials to finished products, and effectively improve drug quality. Accelerate the development and application of control technologies such as chemical impurities, solubility, solvent residues and drug crystal forms to improve product purity and stability. We will strengthen the study of biological drug properties such as biological activity, equivalence and availability, enhance the ability to control the variability of biological processes such as fermentation and cell culture, and strive to improve the safety and effectiveness of biological products such as vaccines.. Increase the research on the material basis of traditional medicine products such as traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine, improve the quality stability of cosolvent and reduce the incidence of adverse reactions.

Improve the quality standard system. We will improve the national drug standard system with pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China as its core, implement the action plan for improving the standards of drugs and medical devices, promote the upgrading of the quality standards of essential drugs, high-risk drugs, pharmaceutical accessories, packaging materials and basic, universal and high-risk medical devices, improve the technical specifications and quality control standards for the production of medicinal materials and drugs of traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine, improve the scientificity, rationality and operability of the standards, and strengthen the authority and seriousness of the standards.. To further improve the drug quality evaluation system, establish a drug impurity database, quality evaluation method and testing platform. Improve the consistency evaluation methods and technical specifications of generic drugs, carry out third-party testing and evaluation, and improve the quality of generic drugs. Focus on the quality of essential drugs and efficacy consistency evaluation, improve the quality of essential drugs in an all-round way. To carry out the risk assessment of harmful residues of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the safety assessment of traditional Chinese medicine injections, and maintain the quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine products. Accelerate the improvement of public technical service platforms such as metrology, standards, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation, encourage the construction of third-party quality reliability evaluation platforms, promote enterprises to increase investment and improve product reliability.

Implementation of Green Transformation and Upgrading. Using modern biotechnology to improve the traditional production process, vigorously promoting biological substitution technologies such as genetic engineering and biocatalysis, and actively adopting biological fermentation methods to produce pharmaceutically active substances. Development of clean production technologies such as biotransformation, efficient extraction and purification, application of high-yield and low-consumption strains, and strengthening prevention and control of pollution by fermentation bulk drug substances. Accelerate the promotion and application of non-toxic and harmless raw materials, strengthen the management of new chemicals in R & D outsourcing enterprises, and promote the management of environmental pollution sources. We will build green factories and circular economy parks, promote mutual supply of raw materials and sharing of resources, and strengthen recycling of by – products, harmless treatment of wastes and comprehensive treatment of pollutants.. Strict resource utilization management, implementation of energy system optimization project, promotion of energy saving, water saving and land saving technology and equipment, elimination of backward technology and equipment, strengthening of high-value medical consumables recycling management, and improvement of energy resource utilization efficiency and clean production level. Strengthen environmental risk control, investigate and manage environmental security risks, and prevent environmental emergencies.

( six ) optimize the industrial structure and enhance the level of intensive development.

Adjust the industrial organization structure. We will increase efforts to adjust the organizational structure of enterprises, promote cross-industry and cross-field mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, and support the strong-strong combination of pharmaceutical and chemical industries, medical devices and equipment, traditional Chinese medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines, bulk drugs and preparations, and production and circulation enterprises to form an integrated enterprise group upstream and downstream to truly solve small, scattered and disorderly problems.. Promote the production of essential drugs to focus on advantageous enterprises, improve the level of intensive production, and ensure product quality and stable supply. In order to form an industrial alliance or consortium, we should give priority to leading enterprises in the industry and combine innovative enterprises and scientific research institutes with similar products and technologies in the form of capital injection and technology shares.. Give full play to the capital and technology advantages of key enterprises, strengthen the effective integration of production factors and business process reengineering, and strengthen new product research and development, marketing and brand building. Give full play to the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as close to the market and flexible mechanism, develop technical and high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates, auxiliary materials, packaging materials and other supporting products, and form an industrial organization structure featuring division of labor, cooperation and mutual benefit among large and medium-sized enterprises..

Promote coordinated regional development. Give full play to the advantages of regional factor resources and build a new pattern of coordinated development in the eastern, central and western regions. Taking advantage of capital, technology and talents in the eastern coastal areas, we will build international advanced research and development centers and headquarters bases, develop biological drugs, pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices with high added value and low resource consumption, and guide products lacking comparative advantages to be transferred out in an orderly manner.. Give full play to the regional advantages of the central region connecting the east to the west, actively undertake industrial transfer in the eastern region according to the carrying capacity of resources and environment, carry out research and development and industrialization of high-end medical products relying on central cities, and develop labor-intensive medical device products such as medical consumables according to local conditions. Taking advantage of the medicinal resources in the western and northeast regions and the regional advantages along the border, we will build production bases of traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine and export bases of characteristic medicinal products for neighboring countries..

Guide the development of industrial agglomeration. We will promote large – scale, intensive and park-based pharmaceutical industries, and create a number of industrial clusters with standardized management, friendly environment, outstanding characteristics and high industrial correlation.. To guide the dominant enterprises to carry out large-scale and standardized planting ( breeding ) in areas suitable for the growth of Chinese medicinal materials in accordance with the GAP, to build large-scale production and processing bases of Chinese medicinal materials in the resources of Chinese medicinal materials, and to build production bases of characteristic ethnic medicinal materials in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities..Combined with the layout adjustment and industrial transfer of chemical raw materials, a high-level production base for chemical raw materials will be built based on a chemical medicine park with strong environmental carrying capacity, complete supporting facilities and convenient raw material supply, and a preparation export processing base meeting international standards will be built in coastal and border areas.. In the central city with talent and technology advantages, we will use the radiation effects of electronics, information and equipment industries to build high-end medical device research and development and industrialization bases.. To guide qualified areas, make overall use of local medical, traditional Chinese medicine, eco-tourism and other advantageous resources, play the role of the tourism market, develop and build a number of medical and health tourism demonstration bases integrating pension, medical, rehabilitation and tourism, and further improve the comprehensive system of social pension, medical, rehabilitation and tourism services.

( seven ) the development of modern logistics, the construction of medical integrity system.

Establish a modern marketing model. We will improve the enterprise logistics information system, make full use of the information resources of the provincial drug centralized procurement platform, build a national drug information platform, disclose information such as drug price, dosage, quality and circulation to the public, accept public supervision, and establish an information sharing and feedback traceability mechanism.. Establish a modern medicine circulation system, promote large-scale enterprises to build a drug distribution network throughout urban and rural areas, give full play to the advantages of postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises in the delivery network, and improve the drug supply guarantee capacity at the grass-roots level and in remote areas. To promote the specialized and characteristic development of small and medium-sized circulation enterprises, to do fine work and to meet the needs of multi-level markets. In accordance with the requirements of the new version of the drug management quality management standard ( gsp ), we will promote the chain operation of dominant retail enterprises, unify procurement and distribution, quality management, service standards, information management and brand identification, and improve the standardized and large-scale operation of chain pharmacies. Promote the establishment of open source code system for communication protocol, fault feedback, testing and maintenance of medical equipment, and encourage the development of third-party professional maintenance and after-sales service teams.

Strengthen the construction of credit system. Improve the management mechanism and system of medical integrity and improve the market integrity environment. Integration of existing credit information resources, establishment of credit records of pharmaceutical research and development, production and circulation enterprises, incorporation into a unified national credit information sharing and exchange platform, and timely disclosure on the ” credit China” website and enterprise credit information publicity system in accordance with relevant regulations. Formulate information collection, evaluation, disclosure and other systems, and establish a ” blacklist” of discredited enterprises. By means of media publicity and market access, we will intensify joint punishment of dishonest enterprises and increase the cost of breaking promises.. Accelerate the construction of enterprise credit and commodity quality insurance system, explore the implementation of compulsory commercial insurance for product quality and safety, and strengthen enterprise self – restraint. To guide enterprises to establish a credit management system, formulate an evaluation system, take the initiative to carry out credit commitments, and consciously accept social supervision.

( 8 ) Closely linking up medical reform and creating a good market environment.

Improve the medical service system. To speed up the reform of compensation mechanism in public hospitals, establish a scientific and reasonable system of rewards and punishments, combine the implementation of policies such as separation of medicines and cancellation of drug addition, strengthen the management of medical behaviors, prevent irregular behaviors such as over – treatment, and control medical expenses.. Medical institutions shall issue prescriptions according to the generic names of medicines and offer them to patients voluntarily to ensure their right to choose medicines. We will promote the sharing of equipment among medical institutions of all types of ownership, promote mutual recognition of examination results among medical institutions, reduce repeated examinations and reduce the medical burden on patients.. Improve the development environment of medical institutions organized by social forces, treat all medical institutions equally in terms of market access, social insurance fixed points, key specialty construction, professional title evaluation, academic status and grade evaluation, accelerate the formation of diversified medical service pattern and expand patient choice. Promote doctors to practice more, improve the service capacity of primary medical institutions, and speed up the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment.

Improve the price and health insurance policies. Implementation of the reform of medical care, medical insurance and medicine linkage, give full play to the role of the market mechanism, and the actual transaction price of medicines is mainly formed by market competition. Strengthen the policy convergence of price, medical insurance, bidding and purchasing, scientifically formulate medical insurance payment standards, strengthen the comprehensive supervision of medical expenses and price behavior, improve the drug price monitoring system, and promote the disclosure of price information. Actively and steadily push forward the price reform of medical services, establish a dynamic price adjustment mechanism based on changes in cost and income structure, gradually straighten out the price comparison relationship of medical services, and effectively reflect the technical labor value of medical personnel. According to the principle of ” total amount control, structural adjustment, rising and falling, and gradually reaching the designated position”, the price of medical services should be adjusted reasonably, and the expenses incurred after adjustment should be included in the scope of medical insurance payment according to regulations, so as to realize that the burden on the masses will not increase.. Actively promote the reform of medical insurance payment methods, strengthen the budget of medical insurance fund revenue and expenditure, and implement a compound payment method combining various payment methods such as disease-based payment and head-based payment.. According to the affordability of the medical insurance fund, medicines, medical devices and medical treatment items that meet the conditions, have reasonable prices and have independent intellectual property rights will be included in the medical insurance payment scope in a timely manner according to the prescribed procedures. Improve the serious illness insurance policy, comprehensively carry out medical assistance for serious and serious diseases, vigorously develop commercial health insurance, and meet the needs of diversified health insurance and medical products in the society..

( 9 ) Deepening foreign cooperation and expanding international development space.

Optimize the export structure of products. Accelerate the development of international emerging pharmaceutical markets and adjust the export structure of products. Give full play to the international competitive advantage of chemical bulk drugs, promote the export of deep processing products of vitamins, penicillin, erythromycin, cephalosporin and other advantageous varieties, vigorously implement the strategy of internationalization of preparations, accelerate the export of preparations such as first imitation drugs, recombinant protein drugs, antibody drugs, vaccines and so on, improve the export capacity of bulk drugs and preparations, and cultivate famous Chinese medicine brands.. Establish and improve overseas sales and service systems, promote the export of PET – CT, X – ray machines, electrocardiographs, B – ultrasound and other medical devices, and gradually increase the added value of exports. Strengthen the cultural exchange of traditional Chinese medicine with foreign countries, improve the international community’s awareness, enhance the voice of international standard-setting of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the export of natural medicines, proprietary Chinese medicines and other products.

Promote international registration certification. Introduce and train international medical registration personnel familiar with overseas laws and regulations and market environment to improve their international registration ability. We will systematically carry out product registration in the international market, promote international clinical research and registration of domestic original research drugs that have obtained patent protection, and speed up international registration and certification of brand generic drugs. Actively carry out international comparison of measurement related to medical devices. According to international standards, improve the process route, quality inspection and analysis methods, improve the environmental, occupational health and safety ( EHS ) management system, and establish and implement the record management system for raw materials and accessories. Accelerate the international certification of good manufacturing practice ( GMP ) and other production quality systems, promote enterprises to build production lines that conform to international quality standards, improve the level of international production, operation and management, and speed up the process of internationalization of testing and certification. Encourage enterprises to apply for foreign patents and form an effective overseas patent distribution.

Accelerate the pace of international cooperation. Implement the ” the belt and road initiative” strategy, focus on the global allocation of resources, and speed up the pace of ” going out”. We will adopt various forms of cooperation to promote overseas mergers and acquisitions, equity investment and venture investment by pharmaceutical advantage enterprises, establish overseas research and development centers, production bases, sales networks and service systems, obtain new products, key technologies, production licenses and sales channels, accelerate integration into the international market and create a number of well-known brands with international influence.. Encourage enterprises to actively participate in international cooperation in the field of public health, and constantly expand and consolidate the international market. We will improve the investment environment, strengthen the construction of supporting systems, increase ” import” efforts, and encourage enterprises in special customs supervision areas to undertake biomedical outsourcing business.. We will promote multinational companies to build high-level pharmaceutical research and development centers, production centers and procurement centers in China, speed up the extension of industrial cooperation from processing and manufacturing to high value-added links such as research and development design, marketing and brand cultivation, and improve the level of international cooperation..

( ten ) to cultivate new formats and promote the intelligent development of the industry.

Construction of Intelligent Demonstration Factory. To promote the intellectualization of pharmaceutical production process, and to carry out the construction demonstration of intelligent factories and digital workshops. Accelerate the application of human-computer intelligent interaction, industrial robots and other technical equipment in the pharmaceutical production process, and promote the optimization of manufacturing process simulation, real-time feedback of state information and adaptive control. Using technologies such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet, and increased material manufacturing, new production models such as dynamic perception of consumption demand for pharmaceutical products, crowdsourcing design, personalized customization, etc. have been constructed.. Accelerate the digitalization and intellectualization of medical device products, focus on developing wearable and portable mobile medical and auxiliary device products, and promote the application of new technologies such as biological three-dimensional ( 3D ) printing technology and data chips in plant intervention products. Promote the intelligent upgrading of medical production equipment, accelerate the research and development and industrialization of core technical equipment such as industrial control systems and intelligent sensing components, and support the construction of intelligent factories in the medical industry.

To carry out intelligent medical services. Give full play to the leading role of high-quality medical resources, encourage social forces to participate, integrate online and offline resources, and standardize the management of medical internet of things and health care applications ( app ). Actively carry out convenient services such as online health consultation on the Internet, appointment and treatment, waiting and reminding, payment of price and inquiry of treatment report, etc.. Strengthen the integration of regional medical and health service resources, encourage medical service institutions to establish medical and health information service platforms and actively carry out Internet medical and health information services. Guide medical institutions to use information and intelligent technology and equipment to provide remote medical services such as remote pathological diagnosis, imaging diagnosis, expert consultation, monitoring guidance and operation guidance to grassroots, remote and underdeveloped areas.

III. Strengthening Policy Guarantee and Organizing Implementation

( eleven ) to strengthen financial support. Innovating the way of financial fund support, and supporting projects with a strong public service nature such as application demonstration and public service platform construction by means of incentive guidance, capital injection, application demonstration subsidies, etc.; We will use and guide funds such as industrial investment and venture capital to support profitable and competitive projects in research and development of innovative products and industrial construction, support backbone enterprises and industrial alliances with innovative development capabilities, and integrate upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain.. Explore the cooperation between medical device manufacturers, financial leasing companies and financial leasing companies to provide installment purchase of large medical equipment for medical institutions of all kinds of ownership. To study and formulate a list of key products of APIs that are in short supply and need to be broken through in China, to study and implement lower provisional tax rates for APIs with clear chemical structure and in line with tariff classification rules and regulatory requirements, and to improve incentive mechanisms for research and use units in areas such as pharmaceutical product innovation, value-added services and demonstration applications.. Support qualified innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises to list for financing, issue bonds, merge and restructure.

( twelve ) to support the promotion of innovative products. To study and formulate catalogues of innovative and excellent medicines and medical devices. We will increase publicity for innovative products and enhance clinicians’ and people’s recognition of pharmaceutical products with independent intellectual property rights.. Through the pilot work of insurance compensation for the first ( set ) major technical equipment, support the application and promotion of qualified high-end medical equipment, continue to promote the implementation of innovative medical equipment application demonstration projects ( including ” one billion million million projects” ) and carry out large-scale medical equipment configuration pilot projects in some provinces and cities. To further increase the promotion of innovative medical device products, and to carry out pilot demonstration applications in medical institutions at different levels. Encourage pharmaceutical enterprises to cooperate with large hospitals in building innovative drug and medical device demonstration and application bases and training centers to form a virtuous circle of demonstration and application – clinical evaluation – technological innovation – radiation promotion.

( thirteen ) improve the government procurement mechanism. In accordance with the principles of openness, transparency and fair competition, we will improve the bidding and purchasing mechanism and gradually incorporate the bidding and purchasing of pharmaceutical products into the public resources trading platform.. Implementation of classified procurement, scientific setting of evaluation factors, promotion of standardization of purchasing codes for medicines and high-value medical consumables, ensuring reasonable prices, guaranteed supply and quality and safety. Standardizing competition order, breaking market segmentation and local protection of pharmaceutical products. To further improve the evaluation method of double envelopes, comprehensive evaluation must be carried out on drugs with obviously low bidding price and possible quality and supply risks to avoid vicious competition. We will promote information disclosure in an all-round way, establish a mechanism for verifying and dynamically adjusting drugs with inflated prices, and ensure that all aspects of drug procurement run in the sun.. According to the regional health plan, we will formulate and improve the standards for medical equipment in medical institutions at all levels, and strictly control the unreasonable purchase of super-standard and high-grade equipment with financial funds.. Strict implementation of the ” government procurement law of the people’s Republic of China” stipulates that if domestic medicines and medical devices can meet the requirements, government procurement projects must, in principle, purchase domestic products and gradually improve the allocation level of domestic equipment in public medical institutions.

( fourteen ) to deepen the reform of examination and approval. Establish a more scientific and efficient examination and approval system for pharmaceutical and medical devices. Strengthen the construction of review team and recruit experts and scholars with international review and approval experience. We will increase the government’s efforts to purchase review services, strengthen the capacity-building of technical review collaboration, and improve the review approval capacity and efficiency.. Public acceptance and approval of relevant information to increase the transparency of review and approval. Strictly control the examination and approval of products with oversupply in the market, low-level repetition and backward production technology, speed up the evaluation of innovative drugs and medical devices that are urgently needed in clinic, and guide the applicants to conduct orderly research and development and scientific declaration.. To speed up the formulation of clinical application technical specifications for new diagnosis and treatment technologies. For gene testing products identified as innovative medical devices, priority should be given to examination in accordance with the examination and approval procedures for innovative medical devices, so as to speed up the entry of innovative medical services into the medical system and promote the entry of new technologies into clinical use. To speed up the pilot of the drug listing permit holder system, promote the specialization of drug research and development and production, and speed up the transformation of scientific research achievements. Encourage the development of entrusted drug research and development and production, gradually relax restrictions on the transfer of drug numbers, guide the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises, reduce homogenization competition and waste of evaluation resources.

( fifteen ) to speed up the construction of talent team. In – depth implementation of the strategy of giving priority to the development of talents, focusing on the needs of drug innovation, development of core hardware and software of medical devices, inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine and international registration of medical products, perfecting the mechanism of talent introduction, training and motivation, and creating a good environment for people to make the best use of their talents and talents.. We will continue to implement the ” thousand people plan” and other intelligence introduction projects to attract high-level talents and teams from overseas in product innovation and international registration to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship. Encourage pharmaceutical enterprises to set up postdoctoral research stations. To improve the level of drug quality management and enterprise competitiveness as the core, actively carry out various forms of training for management personnel of pharmaceutical enterprises and train a number of leading pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. Strengthen vocational education and skills training, build a medical application technology education and training base, and build a skilled team of skilled talents. Improve the measures for the evaluation of professional titles and post setting in medical institutions. Support enterprises to cooperate with institutions of higher learning and medical institutions to train practical technical personnel such as medical device engineers.Encourage the establishment of entrepreneurial innovation centers and other talent training platforms to strengthen collaborative innovation. Strengthen the construction of pharmaceutical team, improve the service ability of licensed pharmacists, and promote safe and rational use of drugs. Establish and improve the income distribution mechanism for the participation of technology, skills and other elements, and encourage the full mobilization of talents’ enthusiasm and creativity through technology shares and other forms.

( sixteen ) to strengthen industrial coordination and supervision. We will improve the communication mechanism between the regulatory authorities, industry associations and pharmaceutical enterprises, improve the regulatory network from the horizontal to the vertical, and form a regulatory pattern of co-governance of the whole society.. Support industry associations and other social organizations to carry out industrial operation monitoring and analysis, industrial development strategy research and industry information release. To strengthen the management of drugs and medical devices in the process of use, strengthen the monitoring of adverse drug reactions, and implement the main responsibility of monitoring adverse drug reactions after the listing of enterprise products. Improve the safety evaluation mechanism after drug listing, and establish a drug delisting system. Establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation system of clinical medication focusing on essential drugs, improve the early warning mechanism of drug shortage, dynamically grasp the production situation of key enterprises, and improve the supply guarantee ability and level. We will strengthen the construction of laws and regulations governing drugs and medical devices, intensify flight inspections, and promptly investigate and punish illegal enterprises in accordance with the law. Strict safety and environmental protection supervision, resolutely shut down pharmaceutical enterprises that do not meet the requirements according to law. The chemical pharmaceutical enterprises should carry out reaction risk analysis, carry out formal design, equip reliable automatic control systems and improve the level of intrinsic safety. For other pharmaceutical enterprises using hazardous chemicals, they should establish and improve the management system of hazardous chemicals, strengthen staff training and improve their risk control ability. Strengthen the protection of pharmaceutical intellectual property rights, speed up the construction of a social credit system for intellectual property rights, intensify the crackdown on infringement, establish a punitive damages system, and reduce the cost of safeguarding the rights of enterprises. Rectification and standardization of the pharmaceutical market, crack down on the production and operation of fake and shoddy pharmaceutical products, commercial bribery, price manipulation and other illegal acts.

All regions and departments concerned should fully understand the importance of promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the working mechanism and form a working force.. All regions should formulate specific implementation plans in light of the actual situation, carefully organize their implementation and ensure that all tasks are carried out. All relevant departments should promptly formulate supporting policies in accordance with the division of responsibilities to create a good environment. The National Development and Reform Commission should strengthen overall planning and coordination, clarify the specific timetable for the implementation of various policies and measures, and strengthen policy guidance, supervision and inspection in conjunction with relevant departments to promote the sustained and healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry..

Office of the State Council

March 4, 2016

( This is a public release )